Ultrafiltration - 360 m3/day

Our company, Teknik Arıtma, commissioned a water production system used in Drinking Water Bottling Plant in 2012, which has high production efficiency.

In the first stage of the drinking water production system, there is an Ultrafiltration unit with a production flow rate of 20 m3/h and an Activated Carbon (AC) filter with a capacity of 19 m3/h. The Ultrafiltration system filters particles up to < 0.1 µ, removing bacteria and viruses from the water.

In the final stage, production water is obtained from a Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit with a production capacity of 15 m3/h, operating at 75% efficiency. The produced water is directed to the purified water tank with a quality of ~75 µS/cm.

The production flow rate and the conductivity of the produced water continue to be in line with the project values ​​of 2012.