Reverse Osmosis - 1300 m3/day

Our company, Teknik Arıtma, has been operating a high-efficiency pure water production system in the automotive sector since 2019, achieving a 99.6% ion removal efficiency.

In the first stage of the pure water production system, 3x25m3/hour Reverse Osmosis (RO) units, designed with 2 main units and 1 backup unit, operate with a 90% product water production efficiency. These units, fed with a total of 55.5 m3/hour of feed water, produce a total of 50 m3/hour of product water.

The concentrate flow rate of the first stage RO unit, which is 5.5 m3/hour, is fed into our Recovery Reverse Osmosis unit, where it is treated, and with a 77% product water efficiency, 4.25 m3/hour of water is reclaimed.

The production flow rate and the conductivity of the produced water continue to be in line with the project values of 2019.