Electrodeionization (EDI) - 960 m3/ day

Our company, Teknik Arıtma, commissioned a high ion removal efficiency Electrodeionization (EDI) unit in 2023 for one of our country's important Thermal Power Plants to produce ultra-pure water from the output water of a 2-stage Reverse Osmosis (Double Pass Reverse Osmosis) unit.

The Ultra Pure water production system (EDI) is fed with water with a conductivity of < 3 µS/cm and has a product water capacity of 31.6 m3/h from the DP RO unit.

Based on the principle of separating positively (+) and negatively (-) charged ions in water with anode and cathode electrodes, the EDI unit converts water into ultra-pure water.

The EDI unit, which reduces the conductivity of the production water to 0.05 micro Siemens = 18 MegaOhm level, uses a total of 8 stacks and operates with a 95% efficiency.

The concentrate output water at 1.6 m3 flow rate is fed back to the raw water tank, practically allowing the EDI unit to operate with zero drain water.

In the environmentally friendly EDI system, no acid or caustic is used for the production of pure and ultra-pure water compared to resin-based technologies. It does not require chemical storage, chemical use in regeneration, or a neutralization unit in drain water.

The produced ultra-pure water has been supplied to the facility for obtaining the steam required for the turbine used in electricity production in the power plant.

The production flow rate and the values of the produced water continue to be in line with the project values of 2023.