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RO System for Providing Potable Water in Cities and Municipalities



Raw Water Source        
Well Water
RO Product Flow
72 m3/h
By-Pass Flow
20 m3/h
RO System Efficiency   
% 75
RO Inlet Conductivity
< 1100 mikroS/cm
RO Outlet Conductivity
< 350 mikroS/cm
Total Operating Cost     
0,0192 €/m3 product water

*Conductivity values expressed for treated water is measured with the by-pass water.

System Description



A Reverse Osmosis System is projected for providing of the potable water in a local municipality and the total capacity is calculated as 92 m3/h. The 72 m3/h of the total capacity will be provided by the Reverse Osmosis system and the rest 20 m3/h will be provided from the by-pass line from the raw water source. The outlet conductivity value including the by-pass line is < 350 microS/cm.


The Units Used in the System



1.      Pre-Chlorine Dosing Unit, Flow Controlled
2.      System Feeding Pumps
3.      Automatic Multimedia Filtration Units, TAF F78E (2 Pieces, Parallel)
4.      Compressor
5.      Acid Dosing Unit, pH Meter Controlled
6.      pH Meter
7.      Sodiummetabisülfite Dosing Unit, Flow Controlled
8.      Antiscalant Dosing Unit,
Flow Controlled
9.      ORP Meter
10.   Reverse Osmosis, TAF ROC8-72C
11.   pH Meter
12.   Chemical Membrane Cleaning Unit
13.   Degasifier, AISI 304, TAF DGZ72
14.   Degasifier Product Water Pump
15.    Post-Chlorination Unit, Flow Controlled
16.   Distribution Room Pumps,(2 Pieces)
17.   Central PLC System
                - PLC Brand: SIEMENS
                - 10" Touch Panel, colored
- Pressure, water flow (product and concentrate) outlet water conductivity and alarms can be traced at the screen.


Application Pictures


RO Sistemi


PLC Sistemi

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