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Containerized RO System



Containerized RO System
Raw Water Source
Well Water
RO Product Flow
8 m3/h
RO System Efficiency
Raw Water and Treated Water Analysis
Raw Water Conductivity
570 µS/cm
Treated Water Conductivity
<20 µS/cm
Raw Water Hardness
Treated Water Hardness


System Description



The package Reverse Osmosis System is constructed in Russia for providing softened water for boiler unit with <20µS/cm conductivity and 0-10Fr hardness values of product water. Due to the weather conditions all the units of the system is constructed in a heat isolated container.


Units Used in the System



  1- Raw Water Feeding Pumps

  2- Chlorine Dosing Unit

  3- Multimedia Filtration, TAF F750P

  4- Softener, TAF R200PT

  5- Acid Dosing Unit

  6- SodiumMetabisulphate Dosing Unit

  7- Antiscalant Dosing Unit

  8- ORP Control

  9- Reverse Osmosis Unit, TAF ROC8-8C

10- Membrane Cleaning Unit,

11- PLC System

          - 5.7" Touch Panel, SIEMENS 

12- Container (Epoksi coated St 37, heat Isolated)



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