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Water Treatment for Artificial Lake Application



Artificial Lake
Raw Water Source         
Well Water
RO Production Flow       
207 m3/day (9 m3/h)
RO By-Pass Flow
112 m3/day (5 m3/h)
Analysis For Raw and Treated Water
Raw Water Conductivity
1. Well
640 microS/cm
2. Well
600 microS/cm
Treated Water Conductivity*
<300 microS/cm
Raw Water Hardness
1. Well
25 Fr
2. Well
25 Fr
Treated Water Hardness
<8 Fr
Raw Water Chloride
1. Well
72 mg/lt
2. Well
60 mg/lt
Treated Water Chloride
≤15 mg/lt

* Conductivity values expressed for treated water is measured with the by-pass water.

System Description



A Reverse Osmosis System is projected for an artificial lake application designed by a construction firm and the capacity is calculated as 14m3/h. The 9m3/h of the total capacity will be provided by the Reverse Osmosis system and the rest 5m3/h will be provided from the by-pass line from the raw water source. The outlet conductivity value including the by-pass line is <300 microS/cm.


Units Used in The System



  1. Chlorine Dosing Unit
  2. System Feeding Pump
  3. Timer Controlled Automatic Multimedia Filter, TAF F750P
  4. Timer Controlled Automatic Activated Carbon Filter, TAF C750P
  5. Acid Dosing Unit
  6. Sodiummetabisulfite Dosing Unit
  7. Antiscalant Dosing Unit
  8. ORP Meter
  9. Ultraviolet System
  10. Chemical Quartz Glass Cleaning System
  11. Reverse Osmosis System, TAF ROC8-9C
  12. Membrane Chemical Cleaning Unit
  13. Dolomite Filter




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